America Where Have You Gone

A Thought Crime

What would you do to prevent your civilization from being erased from the face of the earth? Whatever it is, you had better do it fast.

It is politically foolish to frame the current losing battle of liberty against collectivist tyranny in racial terms, because oligarchical collectivists have used their control of the media to condition us to cringe in terror of being called racist, even while every other group openly advances its racial interests at our expense. But if we don’t acknowledge what is being done to us, we will die as cowards.

If only whites voted, Romney would have won in a landslide. Among white men, he beat the Manchurian Moonbat by 25 points.

But as a direct result of liberal welfare, border defense, and immigration policies, America is becoming demographically transformed. Without any noticeable attempt to present himself as someone who will do a better job in his second term than he has in the miserable failure of his first, Obama won 93% of the black vote, 71% of the Hispanic vote, and 73% of the Asian vote. No wonder the Democrats who run the media hammer it through our heads at every opportunity that it is bad to be white.

Liberals want total power over us. The special interest groups that elect them want to steal what we’ve worked for. Conspiring together, they will bleed us to exhaustion and then ethnically cleanse us from existence.

In the near future, this land will be populated by teat-suckers with no use for dead white males like the Founding Fathers, or for the rights they enshrined in the Constitution. The America we have built and loved is in the process of being displaced and forgotten.

Already we are no longer masters of our own fate. We are at the mercy of people who hate us.

Obama won because Benghazi doesn’t matter. Solyndra doesn’t matter. Fast & Furious doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that whites have created wealth and nonwhites find it easier to take it than to create their own. For now they need the assistance of the one in three Caucasians who are looters themselves or who are clueless and/or wicked enough to assist them. But if demographic trends continue, and our borders remain undefended, it won’t be more than a couple of elections before they won’t need any white votes at all. At that point race-based slavery will have officially returned to North America.

Good thing I don’t work for National Review. I would be out of a job right now.


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